Why Rahnamoon?

Rahnamoon Eng.Co. is an Iranian company Founded in 1991 by a group of Mechanical, Electrical and Food technologists to serve Food processing Industries with world first class equipment.
Rahnamoon is holding Engineering license in the field of food processing industry from the ministry of industry and owns a workshop to manufacture Equipment possible and feasible to make locally again under the license of ministry of industry

Food processing lines

- Potato processing lines: potato chips , French fries, Formed potato products, Fresh cut and preserved potatoes
- potato and root vegetables storage, sorting and handling
- Dates, Raisin and dried fruit preparation and packaging lines
- Date and fruit concentrate and liquid sugar processing lines
- fruit and vegetable grading lines

Packaging systems

- Vertical Form Fill Seal with multihead weigher
- MAP packaging
- tape & tape sealer

End of The Line Automation

- Secondary packaging automation Blue print
- Various industrial transport systems
- Various types of packaging tapes
- Various carton erectors , carton filler and carton sealer equipment
- Metal detector
Food Processing and Packaging Equipments

Consultant Engineering:

  • Feasibility studies with Comfar III software
  • Monitoring and supervision of the project with Primavera software